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The Right System:
Not all wireless systems are the same. What works well enough for somebody’s home generally does not work for a business. Also what works in a business generally does not work for guest access. Each system we quote is designed to the customer’s needs. We take into account the location of the access points with the surroundings and the expected usage. We offer systems with roaming capabilities and a single wireless signal over multiple access points allowing our customers the freedom to roam between access points without losing their connections.
Home Wifi:
Home wireless is generally much simpler than its business or guest counter parts. The loads on individual access points are lower and therefore the throughput is generally less and for the home user means cost saving for a solid system.
Business Wifi:
In business environments security and connectivity become a main concern. Applications from laptops and tables need to have a solid reliable connection to servers while on the move.
Guest Wifi:
In environments where guest access becomes critical specialized access points become ideal. The technology changes rapidly and we can offer guest access that can keep up with the changes with adaptable technology that can be updated on a regular bases keeping the cost down for constantly changing technology. Our guest wireless system gives the business owner a wide range of tools for marketing not only providing your customers with a great experience but also allowing you to get some return on your investment.
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